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How to take a quantum leap and… outsmart, outmanoeuvre, and outperform your competition in under 90 days!

Peter Engelhardt

with Peter Engelhardt

Here’s what you should do now:

1: BLOCK OUT 45-MINUTES: Make sure that you block out a nice and easy 45-minutes for this online class in your calendar. It’s a good idea to put a sticky note on your computer.

2: SHOW UP EARLY: There will be no recordings so make sure that you attend live and show up at least 5-minutes early. The software we use has an attendee limit and with lots of people registered, we will fill up fast.

3. USE A DESKTOP COMPUTER: Make sure that you attend the webinar using your LAPTOP or DESKTOP computer. The webinar system we use doesn’t behave well with mobile which means you may not be able to see it (and that would be a waste, right?).


See you in the webinar!

P.S. I have a small surprise gift for you if you want to have all of your questions answered – looking forward to chatting with you if you need help.