View a sample exercise training video.

It’s great to see that you want to find out more about our eTool, Plan2Brand.

This training video is one of the best ways to lift the hood and see what it looks like inside.

It’s a simple screencast from one exercise – ‘Your Customer Value Proposition’ which sits inside the 3rd module ‘Stake your Position.’

We created the Plan2Brand process to make it easier for passionate business owners to craft a brand within a reasonable budget and timeframe.

From brainstorming right down to the final printable details, Plan2Brand helps you craft a roadmap to take you from where you are now, to where you need to be.

Plan2Brand is not about design elements such as your logo, brochure or website, but a self-discovery eTool.

As a result of working through the program you’ll gain total clarity on what ideal your business stands for, why it matters to whom, and how to shape your business to achieve your desired reputation.

The resulting roadmap puts everyone on the same page when it comes to company culture, business operations, sales and marketing.

Having a strategic plan will add incredible value to your business for years to come. It’s like a secret sauce that helps your business get from where you are now to where you want to be.

I hope this helps you understand the Plan2Brand platform better and gives you the confidence to attend the Craft your Brand Strategy Program.

Brand Archetypes

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Peter Engelhardt

About Peter Engelhardt

“I’m a caffeine dependent Brand Strategist whose purpose is to help visionary business owners do amazing things in the World. Helping SMEs to craft their high level Brand Strategy is my passion because a differentiated, energised business with pinpoint customer focus leads to long-term prosperity.”

Based in Melbourne Australia, Peter is the founder of Strategic Marketing and Design Company Creative Brew and the self-discovery Brand Strategy eTool Plan2Brand. Author of Differentiate to Dominate and the brew blog.