Exploring your WHY

Your Purpose articulates why you do what you do, why your business exists and what higher cause you serve.

This FREE Brand Strategy Exercise aims to help your thoughts in iterating those ‘AHA’ moments that could clinch the answer to your Purpose.

Written as a statement, it’s one of the first pieces of your brand DNA as it tells everyone how you want to influence the World.

A Purpose that drives a brand faithfully over time increases employee engagement, customer loyalty and sales.

In fact trusted brands, or those that use communications and design to demonstrate what they stand for, have a much better shot at becoming a part of our daily lives.

From this exercise you will:

  • Understand the benefits of having a Purpose
  • See Purpose Statement examples from brands big and small
  • Use a conversation technique that opens your mind to all the possibilities for your Purpose
  • Shout a friend or partner to a coffee, because you need someone to be your interviewer or persistent interrogator!
  • Have a go at writing your Purpose statement, which you can act on when making strategic decisions and begin to weave into your marketing communications.
Purpose Exercise
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Exploring your WHY

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Peter Engelhardt

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“I’m a caffeine dependant Brand Strategist whose purpose is to help visionary business owners do amazing things in the World. Helping SMEs to craft their high level Brand Strategy is my passion because a differentiated, energised business with pinpoint customer focus leads to long-term prosperity.”

Based in Melbourne Australia, Peter is the founder of Strategic Marketing and Design Company Creative Brew and the self-discovery Brand Strategy eTool Plan2Brand.