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from Peter Engelhardt’s Differentiate to Dominate – the 7 steps to transform your business into a brand.

Winning the hearts and minds of your dream customers can only be achieved when you have a clear and focused Brand Strategy from the get go.

Leading brands already know the steps to not only creating a brand customers will love, but a cohesive internal culture that believes in it’s purpose and brings it to life.

In my book I show you how to build your brand strategy by revealing the key components you need to be clear and focused on, to stand out and apart from your competition.

In these 2 FREE book chapters you will learn:

  • Why most small businesses struggle, and what to do about it
  • A process for reinvigorating the passion behind your business and how you can use it to transform into a brand your dream customers will love
  • Why you shouldn’t just talk about your products or services in your marketing
  • Why differentiation is the key to your success, and;
  • The key strategies great brands adopt for enduring success.

Book forward included by Jack Delosa – Founder of The Entourage and BRW Young Rich List Member.

About Peter Engelhardt

“I’m a caffeine dependent Brand Strategist whose purpose is to help visionary business owners do amazing things in the World. Helping SMEs to craft their high level Brand Strategy is my passion because a differentiated, energised business with pinpoint customer focus leads to long-term prosperity.”

Based in Melbourne Australia, Peter is the founder of Strategic Marketing and Design Company Creative Brew and the self-discovery Brand Strategy eTool Plan2Brand. Author of Differentiate to Dominate.