Learn how to build your Brand Promise

Understand what two strategies guide the delivery of your brands unique ‘customer experience’.

When someone goes back on a deal – they don’t do what they say – you feel let down, frustrated and more to the point…

…you just don’t trust them.

Building trust is vital to a brands success or failure. It’s the precursor to customer loyalty + advocacy = sustainable growth!

How your brand works towards building trust is multi-layered, from your product innovation to employee training.

In fact, every touch point of your customers’ journey sets the expectation of the customer experience you PROMISE to deliver.

And buyers today make no distinction between your brand and those now setting the future stage for customer experience.

So it’s never been more important to make your brand distinct – to make a certain PROMISE that’s easy to understand for the ideal buyers you want to attract i.e. those who believe what you believe.

Guiding the delivery of your customer experience is:

  • Your Pillars – a set of guiding principles that are the attributes or benefits you, and your ideal customers value most and;
  • Your Promise – founded and underpinned by your Pillars, your Promise defines the customer experience you consistently deliver

These act as a powerful driving force for clearer decisions on your activities towards building customer trust, loyalty and advocacy.

From this FREE Actionable Brand Promises PDF you’ll get:

  • A checklist for what a Brand Promise must be
  • The components of an actionable Brand Promise
  • The steps to embedding it into your business
  • Real brand examples of Promises founded on Pillars
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