Our Purpose

To help visionary business owners do amazing things.

Plan2Brand was founded on the idea of helping visionary business owners and entrepreneurs do amazing things in the World by showing them how to build their brands in a strategic way.

We want to help them to stand out to stand apart, to challenge their industry and truly connect with their audience.

Peter Engelhardt
Founder of Plan2Brand and Strategic Marketing & Design Company Creative Brew

Peter Engelhardt

But stepping back…

our idea actually started with a problem. For us it was simple: Many of our clients were unable to clearly articulate what their brand represented, what was different about them or how they stood out to stand apart.

Working with small to medium sized businesses, we kept hearing the same thing – that they regarded tactics as being their strategy. The onus of increasing or maintaining customers rested squarely on our recommended tactical approach and design thereof.

It was difficult for us to explain how taking a step back, to review their brand and work on their strategy first, (not tactics) was a worthwhile exercise for the long term success they want. There was a plethora of information we could provide, but nothing wrapped up in a simple framework they could understand.

As a small business ourselves, we understand the challenges of working in a World with a dizzying array of new breeds of businesses and technology.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics:

  • 60 percent of small businesses close within the first three years, and of those…
  • 44 percent is due to poor strategic management where owners get caught up in the day-to-day running and pay little attention to long-term planning.

Why do businesses fail?

There is a fundamental step that most small to medium businesses miss out or do ad-hoc, whereas leading brands don’t. These Goliath’s are successful by their very nature because they research, understand and use strategy in their markets and industries. They plan to gain a competitive advantage which takes precedence over any logo, advert or a website creation. And don’t forget, these brands were small once.

With my teams unique perspective, and driven by our Purpose, we set out to see if we could do something about helping small businesses stop failing and to prosper more. But where to start?

So, we asked ourselves

  • How do we distill the most fundamental strategic components these Goliath’s use as the building blocks for their brands?
  • How can we put them into an affordable, simple to understand, guided online process so that we could reach as many businesses as possible?
  • How do we provide simplicity amongst the complexity and numeracy of branding and marketing advice on the internet?

Our journey

Our journey began in 2014 initially through research where we looked for the components that all successful brands throughout history might have in common. We found a few variations but a common thread began to appear.

We create a framework, which we tested in workshops and refined. The response from attendees was overwhelming and positive, so we knew we were on the right track.

Some 1000 plus workshop attendees and three years later, we have created the eight inter-related steps that is the Plan2Brand formula – we call it your Brand Strategy Roadmap.

Others things we are doing in tandem are a podcast series where people collaborate, discuss and debate what they’ve heard through Facebook Live Events. Eventually a book is in the pipeline to include all this gathered branding advice and wisdom. Sale profits are going to KIVA, an international not-for-profit organisation that connects people through lending to alleviate poverty.

Peter Engelhardt Workshop


Our focus is to take Plan2Brand to an Australian and international audience, to help as many amazing people do amazing things and help the David’s of this world get a leg up on the Goliath’s for longevity and prosperity.

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