The Complete Guide to Creating an Inspiring Brand

Unearth the hidden potential in your business, create an amazing brand and become the only choice of higher value customers.

Have you ever wondered how Fortune 500 brands get to such dizzying heights and earn a preferred place in their customer’s minds? Turns out they have a few things in common:

  • they approach their market strategically
  • they have a clear point of difference
  • they don’t make the same promises as their competitors
  • they innovate by focusing on their customer’s needs and desires
  • they stand out with a consistent brand look and feel
  • they create core messages that resonate with buyers, and;
  • they nurture and motivate their employees

In this free eBook, “The Complete Guide to Creating an Inspiring Brand” you’ll discover how leading brands leverage ‘Brand Strategy’ to unearth the potential in their brands and take them to new levels.

You’ll learn exactly what a ‘brand’ and ‘brand strategy is. We also outline the critical role a brand strategy can play in setting you apart from your competitors so you can dominate your industry.

In this free ebook you’ll discover the exact steps the World’s leading brands follow to dominate their industries by showing you how and why you need to answer questions like:

  • What can we promise or commit to?
  • What do we stand for?
  • How can we own “it” and make it ours?
  • What can we do that our competitors can’t or don’t?
  • What do we do that our customers and prospects value?
About Peter Engelhardt

“I’m a caffeine dependent Brand Strategist whose purpose is to help visionary business owners do amazing things in the World. Helping SMEs to craft their high level Brand Strategy is my passion because a differentiated, energised business with pinpoint customer focus leads to long-term prosperity.”

Based in Melbourne Australia, Peter is the founder of Strategic Marketing and Design Company Creative Brew and the self-discovery Brand Strategy eTool Plan2Brand. Author of Differentiate to Dominate.