Choose Your Strategic Value Pathway (Positioning Exercise)

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Exercise content

The first step in defining your positioning strategy is to choose one of three Strategic Value Pathways. This determines how you deliver value to your market at the highest level through either:

  • Product Leadership
  • Operational Excellence, or;
  • Customer Intimacy

By leveraging one dominant strategy, you can better focus on developing your competitive advantage. Of course you should meet industry standard in the other two but you don’t need to compete equally on all three!

From this exercise you:

  • Learn the different SVP characteristics and see brand examples
  • Choose and print your primary SVP to keep for reference
  • Understand how your SVP guides Customer Value Proposition (CVP)
  • Get links to recommended books on positioning strategy
  • Get a ‘how to’ video of the exercise

Not sure about your SVP?

Email me about your business at or book a free 20 min chat with me via Calendly, to find out how Plan2Brand can help your brand.

What are these icons in the exercise used for?

Although the functionality of these icons is not available in this free exercise, they form a major part of how Plan2Brand supports your strategic thinking and planning.

They are signals to tell you when your answers:

Bird icon
  • Fly forwards to future exercises or modules as reminders of what you’ve written already to help your thoughts in building a cohesive brand strategy.

Rocket icon
  • Fly into your Brand Strategy Roadmap where all your final outcomes are stored to be viewed, amended, printed and shared.

Where does my SVP sit in my Brand Strategy Roadmap?

Your SVP sits within your Brand Foundations as part of your Brand Strategy Roadmap. Click to view a brand example:

Brand Foundations example

Brand Foundations example

Your 3 part Brand Strategy Roadmap answers:

What we stand for that influences our teams’ contribution in shaping ‘customer experience’.

Who is the most attractive buyer for us to focus on and how we understand their needs more intimately.

What are our goals, objectives, strategies and tactics over the long and short term.


Brand education and creation combined

Unlike conventional online courses, this self-discovery eTool brings education and creation together – as you learn, you build your Brand Strategy Roadmap at the same time.

Through eight sequential modules, your answers are pushed forward to guide and build the next. All your inter-related statements, descriptions and actions are saved in one place to review, print or download as PDFs.

Ideal Buyers
Action Plan


The outcome is a clear, focused and meaningful direction towards building customer trust, loyalty, advocacy and equity for your brand