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Optimise your brand’s
Full potential

in my ‘Claim your Point-of-difference’ workshop

This workshop is specifically designed to help growing brands craft a unique position in their market and stand apart from their competitors.

Strategic positioning for your business and brand in four key areas.

As a Brand Strategist dedicated to working with SMEs like yours, I know it’s hard to find time to focus on establishing a distinctive, memorable and credible competitive advantage that competitors will find difficult to match.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

This one day Brand Positioning Workshop is a cost effective, simpler, and easier way to define a meaningful way to stand apart from your competitors.

Through a highly facilitated process and access to my Plan2Brand online platform I’ll lead you through the process of establishing a set of unifying principles that defines your brand’s unique positioning, essence and the promise you deliver to every customer.

So, if you’re ready to raise the bar and craft a unique strategic position that serves as the foundation for building a brand customers love and can’t live without, be quick and sign up below as numbers are limited.

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Peter Engelhardt

– Brand strategist, owner of Creative Brew, Author & presenter.

Your ideal buyer

Position your product or service more effectively by understanding about the core customer segment to whom the brand is intended to appeal.

Why your prospects buy

Learn what drives your customers to purchase and define the context that will give your brand unquestioned relevance.

Stand apart and stand out

Standing apart from your competitors in a way that’s clear and meaningful to enhance your brand’s competitive advantage.

What do you promise

Decide on the ‘customer experience’ your brand delivers to continuously exceeds buyer expectations.

How it works

  • Plan2brand eTool lifetime access
  • Positioning workshop
  • Four weekly Q&A’s

1. Preparation

On confirming attendance, participants are given their Plan2Brand login details as well as some homework to fully prepare them for the workshop.


2. Positioning workshop

To guarantee the best outcome possible the workshop is limited to 12 businesses who are supported by two facilitators.

Online Q&A

3. Ongoing support

To continue to refine their point-of-difference, attendees are invited to four weekly group online coaching calls after the workshop.

“If you don’t position your business as The Choice, instead of A Choice, you’ll end up competing on price against an ever-growing competitive set”

– Peter Engelhardt

Who’s it for

This workshop is designed for businesses who are:

  • Introducing a new product
  • Inventing a new brand from the ground up
  • Wanting to bringing new life to an under-performing brand

Our program is specifically designed for highly committed business leaders, both in the B2C and B2B space who dream of building a sustainable and purposeful brand.

You understand that implementing random tactics isn’t the answer, and that it’s time to elevate the role of strategy in your businesses.

Typically you’re a team of three to twenty+. You invest in various forms of marketing, advertising and social media to generate business but sense you could be doing everything so much better.

You understand that by answering questions like:

  • Who is our ideal customer?
  • What are their needs, wants and desires?
  • How are we truly different from the competition?
  • What’s desired reputation do we want to shape our business?

…you elevate your business to one where everyone in your team is working towards the same clear goals.

Note: workshop is limited to ten businesses to ensure a great outcome for all attendees!

What’s the outcome?

The outcome is a detailed description of the following brand positioning criteria:

  • Target Customer Buying Insights
  • Your Buyer Persona
  • Brand Positioning Framework
  • Final Brand Positioning Statement
  • Brand Essence
  • Brand Promise
  • Strategic Imperatives and Next Steps

What are the benefits?

Creating a point-of-difference provides endless benefits to your business such as:
  • Competitive advantage: Differentiating yourself from your competitors signals potential clients that your services are unique—and that you’re the experts.
  • Customer loyalty: Customers are not only willing to pay more for a product with strong brand equity; they’re also willing to stay loyal and come back to buy again and again.
  • Growth: Positive brand equity allows you to charge more for your product or service, because people will be willing to pay a premium for your name.
  • A stable asset: Companies are bought and sold, technologies change on a daily basis, but strong brands carry on through all these changes.

Your resource rich strategic planning tool

Included in this one day workshop is lifetime access to the Plan2brand eTool. Designed to demystify the strategic planning process it educates and guides you step-by step through the process of creating your brand strategy.

Easy to use functionality and features

Responsive friendly

Dip into the eTool whenever you like on desktop, laptop or mobile

Features and functionality include:

  • Easy to use interactivity where content is moved, revealed or saved via drag-n-drop, tabs, drop down menus, sliders and radio buttons
  • Learn from real brand examples and case studies, both big and small, demonstrating how they use their strategy to communicate a certain position in their markets
  • Auto saved content that moves forward to help in future exercises
  • Final outcomes saved in one place ready to review, revise print or save to PDF
  • The step-by-step build of a fictitious brand, starting from the first modules introduction onwards, that shows you how it comes together.
  • Supportive emails sent after each modules completion, to keep you on track and motivated
  • External links to informative websites and books you might like to read
Responsive friendly

Watch eTool Exercise training video:


What people in business are saying…

Brands we’ve helped

ACS Property Services
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Meet your facilitators

Our purpose is to help amazing companies do amazing things

Peter Engelhardt

Peter is the driving force behind strategic marketing and design company, Creative Brew. With a branding career spanning over 30 years Peter also conducts workshops and presents on brand strategy far and wide: from the Netpreneur Summit in Tokyo, to Pause Fest, Retail Global and soon the Business Authorities Summit Australia wide. He also recently authored ‘Differentiate to Dominate – the seven steps to transform your business into a brand.’

“For any marketing to work well, the brand must provide the inspiration.”

– Peter Engelhardt

Differentiate to Dominate
Everyone who joins my program gets a free copy of my book, Differentiate to Dominate.

Using simple language and current facts and case studies, it demonstrates how thinking strategically is critical if you want to prosper today in a meaningful and tangible way. Based on years of research into how every great brand and Fortune 500 company – think Virgin, Apple, PayPal and Amazon – grow to their dizzying heights, it’s packed with insights into the processes and disciplines they all leverage.

Hayley Reeson

Hayley Reeson has over 25 years experience in brand design and strategy helping major brands across many categories accentuate their brand purpose and create sustainable differentiation. She has worked with many of Australia’s leading brands including: Tourism Victoria, Toll, Shell, Monash University, Veolia, Marngrook Football Show and Siemens to name a few.

“Only when enough people think you are, do you become a brand. To get to that point takes time, and a clear strategy.”

– Hayley Reeson

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Start: Friday May 17th – Workshop from 8.30am-5pm
Where: Melbourne CBD – location to be advised

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$ 1299 AUD

Total payment with lifetime access to Plan2Brand

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The Claim Your Point-of-Difference Workshop includes:
  • One day workshop 8.30am – 5pm
  • Two brand strategist facilitators at the workshop
  • Lifetime access to Plan2Brand eTool
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Free copy of Peter’s book, Differentiate to Dominate
  • Limited to 10 businesses + bring a co-worker

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