Plan2Brand Module 2 (standalone)

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Who are your most valuable customers, what do they need, and what do they want to hear from you?

Marketing, whether it’s your brand, content or product, is an organic and sometimes complex process that involves many areas you need to consider. As an SME in today’s dynamic business conditions, you can’t be all things to all people. With limited resources, it makes sense to choose to serve a specific group of consumers/businesses whose needs you want to nail.

Successful businesses seek to understand their customers’ problems and ways to solve them. To achieve this they use marketing processes by which they:

  • Define a narrow and focused, rather than broad Market
  • Segment that market into smaller unique groups of buyers with differing needs (Market Segments)
  • Choose the most appropriate and valuable group(s) for their offering (Target Market)
  • Build a picture of their ideal customer (Buyer Persona) to understand how they can best influence buying decisions.

Please note: this module is part of a larger program called Plan2Brand. To view the other modules and how the program fits together view our How It Works page.