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Plan2Brand works for a new, growing, or plateaued businesses in need of direction. Take a tour to see how this simple framework eliminates confusion to bring clarity, focus and meaning to your brand strategy.

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Your present state

The first thing you do is document your existing brand by answering some strategic questions.

Documenting your brand’s current state is a great way to compare where you are now, with where you want to be. The idea is to describe your understanding of where your brand stands today so you can review and compare your progress as you go through the Plan2Brand eTool.

Plan2Brand breaks down the brand strategy process into 8 modules with introductions, exercises, explanatory videos and examples from real brands. Review, print or share PDFs of your final outcomes from your Brand Strategy Roadmap at any time.

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Your Purpose

You begin your journey by exploring the reason WHY your business exists.

Making money is a result of your business, whereas your Purpose is your passionate long held beliefs. It’s WHY you business exists and it’s driving force. It’s the constant that underpins the culture, development and direction of your brand.

The first Brand Foundation statement, it’s automatically saved into your Brand Strategy Roadmap.

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Your Ideal Buyers

Central to your success, is an intimate understanding of your ideal buyers.

Plan2Brand guides you in creating a comprehensive description of you ideal buyers from your Target Market to Buyer Persona. Easily accessed to print, share for marketing purposes, or update anytime. These detailed summaries help you keep your ideal buyers needs and wants front of mind.

Brought forward, your Ideal Buyer insights guide the outcome to your market position in the next module.

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Stake your Position

Creating a differentiated position in your market is the next key to building your Brand Foundations.

Plan2Brand breaks down the process to help you make an informed decision on your position. Each exercise helps you determine your competitive advantage by revealing the top capabilities buyers value most, yet difficult for competitors to match. Creating a clear Positioning Statement and the mindshare you wish to own in buyers minds, focuses operational decisions and helps you decide what you dial up or down to claim a unique position in your market.

As with other modules, there are brand examples of differentiation, even in crowded markets.

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Your Brand Pillars & Brand Promise

Next, define your Pillars, the guiding principles on which your actionable Promise is founded.

The next two modules, your brand Pillars and Promise, go hand-in-hand together. These Brand Foundation components guide the consistent delivery of, ‘customer experience’. They define the principles you live by and the actions, behaviours and activities that support your Purpose and Position.

There are plenty of brand case studies showing how everything knits together – How Pillars support Purpose and Positioning, and how great Brand Promises are founded on Pillars.

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Your Vision

Have a clear high-end goal that’s shared and worked towards by you and your team.

Alongside your Purpose, these two Brand Foundation statements are the overarching strategic drive for the organisational direction and performance measure for your brand. Therefore your Vision is saved and placed next to your Purpose in your Brand Strategy Roadmap.

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Your Brand Personality

Discover the human traits your brand will adopt to attract your ideal buyers.

A brand can differentiate through personality. The purpose of how your brand speaks and behaves is to make an emotional connection and association with your ideal buyers. Knowing what attributes need to be expressed, empowers your ability to brief suppliers and assess design work with total clarity.

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Your Brand Action Plan (coming soon)

Bring everything together in a simple, one page plan of your next steps.

Your Action Plan includes your yearly marketing budget (based on financial position), three top issues (from a brand audit) that determine immediate objectives and measurable goals, and the tactics to achieve these goals over the next four quarters.

There are one page templates you can use for planning each tactic which you or your employees take ownership of. You may wish to bring team members in on this activity.

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