5 Day Purpose Challenge

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How to start this free Purpose Module

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Module content

Written as a statement, your Purpose articulates why you do what you do to serve your higher cause and beliefs. One of the first pieces of your brand DNA that you explore in Plan2Brand, it tells everyone how you want your business to influence the world; it’s what you want to see happen, change or stop.

What do I get?

  • Purpose Module introduction
  • Four strategic thinking/exploration exercises to extract your ‘AHA!’ moment
  • Inspiration from numerous examples of Purpose Statements from real brands
  • Examples of how brands utilise and embed their Purpose to make a difference
  • Explanatory videos from Brand Strategist Peter Engelhardt
  • PDFs of specific exercise content to keep for reference
  • Complete Brand Foundations (including Purpose) for a fictitious company
  • Optional 20 mins free chat with Peter on Purpose Module completion.

Not sure about your Purpose?

Email me about your business at or book a free 20 min chat with me via Calendly, to find out how Plan2Brand can help your brand.

What are these icons in the module exercises used for?

Although the functionality of these icons is not completely available, they form a major part of how Plan2Brand supports your strategic thinking.

They are signals to tell you when your answers:

Bird icon
  • Fly forwards to future exercises or modules as reminders of what you’ve written already to help your thoughts in building a cohesive brand strategy.

Rocket icon
  • Fly into your Brand Strategy Roadmap where all your final outcomes are stored to be viewed, amended, printed and shared.

Please note: The Brand Strategy Roadmap (via rocket symbol) is only available with the full version of Plan2Brand.

Where does Purpose sit in Brand Strategy Roadmap?

Alongside Vision, your Purpose is the driving force behind the direction and performance measurement of your business. Take a look at the Brand Foundations example below:

Brand Foundations example

Brand Foundations example