Is Plan2Brand right for my business?

When you recognise persistent internal issues, it may be time to act

If you’re feeling…

  • Excited by all your ideas you constantly talk about, but find them difficult to pin down. Your team is vague about what you’re trying to achieve in your business.
  • Challenged, because your business has plateaued, but are not sure to do about it
  • Frustrated, because your competition is making a better job of attracting customers, from their website to their marketing collateral
  • Guilty, because you know you should be providing more internal direction, but are unsure of how to frame your ideas to employees
  • Stressed, because you need to hit revenue targets but are not sure if your next tactics will work.
  • Confused, because you don’t really know why people buy from you so you guess about what they need or want
  • Annoyed, because there are too many differing internal opinions that leads to friction and the disjointed presentation of your brand to your target market
  • Left behind, because you know innovation is something you should be doing more of to improve the brand experience for your customers
  • Panicked, because your brand and marketing isn’t consistent and done on an ad hoc basis when revenue needs boosting
  • Unprepared, because you want to expand into new markets but you need more market share in the one you currently working in
  • Overwhelmed, because when you search online for help, the truckloads of information you find on branding doesn’t make coherent sense, and;

Well, you can probably add some more here!

If any of the above sounds familiar, you’re not alone… but you can do something about it.

Plan2Brand is a simple way to plan your brand strategy – to help you stand out, to stand apart.

Designed to make it easier to craft your Brand Strategy Roadmap within a reasonable budget and timeframe.


It all leads to brand clarity, focus and growth

Your Brand Strategy Roadmap is the catalyst for:

  • Delivering customer centric marketing with increased ROI
  • Developing your offering through the eyes of customers
  • Innovating based on improving ‘customer experience
  • Making clearer decisions based on brand fundamentals
  • Having a unified team pulling in the same direction
  • Increasing customer perception of your brand value

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