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Al Ries

“ Brands are not built overnight.
SUCCESS is measured in
DECADES, not years. ”

Al Ries

Legendary brand strategist and author
Quote from The 22 Immutable Laws
of Branding by Ries & Ries.

Rising above the expected

Have you ever wondered how Fortune 500 brands get to such dizzying heights and earn a preferred place in their customer’s minds? Turns out they have a few things in common:

  • they approach their market strategically
  • they have a clear point of difference
  • they don’t make the same promises as their competitors
  • they innovate by focusing on their customer’s needs and desires
  • they stand out with a consistent brand look and feel
  • they create core messages that resonate with buyers, and;
  • they nurture and motivate their employees

The Plan2Brand framework encourages you to think strategically about your business so you progressively begin to achieve all of the above.

Of course it takes time to build brand value, but armed with a clear and focused direction for your strategic approach to your market, the benefits that leading brands enjoy, begin to materialise:

Be seen as a leader, not just the boss

Your strategy focuses your daily routine as you drive business activity with more passion and belief, displayed through tangible ideas and actions, i.e. walk the walk.

You’re no longer competing quarter to quarter on what you know and have a sense of urgency to build the future.

There may be fear, politics, egos and self-preservation in play, but you navigate and engage at a human level. As Brian Solis, digital analyst, speaker and author says, leaders need to be:

An analyst – by gathering the data that, most importantly, relates to your business and bottom line

A lawyer – by using the insights from the data to make a convincing case for change

A politician – by networking outside your sphere of influence to bring about change across your business, and;

A cheerleader – by reminding the people who are bringing about that change that it’s the right thing to do, especially if it’s going to be difficult.

Deliver compelling brand messages

Having a clear understanding of your buyers, you are better equipped to deliver what they want to hear, with more compelling messages around the real drivers behind their decisions.

Consistent brand presentation

You are more confident when either briefing designers, copywriters or marketers, because you clearly express what your brand represents. A tight strategy with creative freedom makes the design process more enjoyable, as everyone is on the same page.

Easily attract the like minded

With a clear focus on your differentiated value and enthusiasm for what you truly believe in, you attract and retain the right kind of employees and external partnerships. Teamwork and collaboration is easier and more rewarding for everyone involved.

A healthier more energised internal culture

Motivated employees

As you shape, give meaning and embed your plan, employees gain a greater understanding of their role in presenting the brand from an individual, team and organisational perspective.

Stronger commitment

With buy-in from senior team members, inter-team meetings and connection points are used to strengthen the common language, reinforcing commitment across your business.

Strive to innovate

You stop working in an insular ecosystem that benchmarks against yesterdays standards and strive for innovative ways to disrupt your market to reimagine what your brand could be.

Rewarding efforts

As internal efforts take hold, you more easily recognise and reward employee behaviours, to bring a sense of pride and worthiness.

Wiser use of resources

You organise your limited resources better because you know how, when and what’s important to buyers as they research, compare and evaluate your business and the competition.

Improved customer experience

You deliver value on what really matters to your buyers as you consider every decision you make from their perspective, their world and every part of their buying decision journey.

Compete less on price

Your clear brand position informs buyers of the distinct advantages your products or services have. With greater perception of value, price sensitivity is reduced, alongside trust and loyalty increasing.

Be the clear choice

You begin to own a space in buyers’ minds with a distinct and sustainable competitive advantage. Your brand cuts through the ‘noise’ and is remembered, even in a competitive marketplace.

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Rody Bajo

For businesses who want to work on their competitive advantage and build a brand, instead of running a business, this process will give them 100% clarity and focus.

Rody Bajo

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